Plant-based and cruelty-free protein supplements

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Fytó Nutrition's Protein Powder

Our product contains the unique FytóPro Blend of Pea, Brown Rice and Hemp Proteins to deliver 20g of Protein per 30g serving with over 3g of naturally occurring BCAA. Additionally, our FytoPro Blend naturally contains all 9 Essential Amino Acids with no added synthetic Amino Acids.



Suitable for Vegans, free from Sucralose and Artificial Colours.

No Bad Stuff

We are proud to be Dairy and Lactose Free. We are also Soy Free and Allergen Free.

Naturally Derived

We are also Free from GMO’s and Heavy Metals and Contaminants.

What we stand for


Environmentally friendly packaging.


Naturally balanced product


Cruelty free and vegan.

Add Fytó Nutrition’s Plant Based Protein Powder to everyday recipes for an additional Protein boost

Make delicious porridges and smoothies for an early morning breakfast boost, relaxing night time Hot Chocolate drinks and even dairy-free Protein milk ice lollies!