The Story Behind Fyto Nutrition

Fyto Nutrition, from the Greek word fytó, meaning plant, stands for a promise; quality natural plant based nutrition.

Fyto Nutrition was created by two people with a passion to inspire a change in perspective on plant based products and vegan nutrition.

Having tried and failed to find nutritionally balanced and tasty plant based protein supplements; fitness enthusiasts Dan and Ola embarked on a journey to create something special.

After many months of research they created a brand that is worth much more than just sales and marketing. Fyto Nutrition offers consumers something that is missing in almost every major brand in the market – a social conscious. Fyto Nutrition is built on three key founding pillars – Health, Sustainability and Welfare.

In February 2019, Fyto Nutrition launched the cleanest and most natural Protein Powder to the market; with a fantastic and natural Chocolate flavour.

Fyto Nutrition has the power to impact the world in which we all live - without costing the Earth.

Fyto Nutritions products are not your average products, but then again, Fyto Nutrition is not your average brand.

Stand Up for Health, Sustainability and Welfare. Stand Up with Fyto.

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